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Finance analytics and financial governance

SCW has a multi-skilled and innovative finance team supporting the delivery of health and care to provide the best value for patients, achieved by collaborating across systems and investing in our people. 

We provide a range of finance analytics & financial governance support to systems as they transition to collaborative management of system financial flows. We have adopted a Finance Business Partnering approach to achieve this aim, providing targeted support to system priorities, whilst ensuring compliance to the current financial framework. 

We aim to support:

  • Identification, analysis and presentation of financial and non-financial information that supports systems to manage local services and resources, tackling health inequalities and supporting an increased focus on population health 
  • A system-wide understanding of value, that does not just consider cost, but the outcomes achieved for the patient and the system. 
  • The recognition of outcomes as a key measurement for the effectiveness of decisions/contracts, and the need to working closely with clinicians and operational managers.

We provide financial expertise and support to:

  • Strategic and operational planning 
  • A range of NHS and Non-NHS Healthcare Contracts
  • Inform the appropriate contractual arrangement and financial flows that enable greater collaboration and focus
  • Advice and implementation of the appropriate payment mechanism that supports the delivery of better care and outcomes, and improves overall efficiency
  • Planning, monitoring, analysis & reporting of activity and the financial position at all levels from system to place
  • Reconciliation – financial and data quality 
  • Audit & assurance support
  • Use of national products and in-house models and dashboards to inform areas of opportunity and risk.

To ensure that we continually adapt our service delivery to reflect changing requirements, we actively engage with and contribute to national policy development via workshops and consultations and are members of a number of finance-related Special Interest Groups relevant to our service. e.g. Healthcare Costing for Value; Environmental Sustainability; Payments Group.

SCW Contract Monitoring System: Providing system-wide view of activity and finance data

We operate our services across a wide geographical area. This has enabled us to develop a bespoke contract management solution providing a suite of reports and dashboards that provide planned, actual and forecast activity and finance information to inform system-wide decision-making. The functionality has been designed so that it can be adapted to the financial framework that it supports. A range of views can be selected including system; provider, place, with the option to perform self-service analysis. It has the functionality to support multiple years’ planning cycles, scenario-testing, and pathway analysis.

For more information on our financial services please contact SCW Associate Director For Financial Services, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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