Geospatial services (GIS)

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Providing consultancy and geospatial tools and solutions for solving complex problems in health and care.

Geospatial services

The SCW Geospatial Service team is the largest geospatial service across any of England’s NHSE regions and integrated care boards (ICB).

We currently support 20 ICBs across the South of England and three regional NHSE teams: South West, South East and London. We also support NHSE Central around the Covid/Flu vaccinations and immunisations programme, Dental and Pharmacy Commissioning and provide GIS services to a number of NHS Hospital Trusts.

Our Geospatial Service uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies to solve complex spatial problems. This supports ICBs to deliver better outcomes to their population at lower cost, including support for Primary Care management and development, workforce and estates reviews, population health management and health inequalities, service transformation projects, travel accessibility analysis, the Green Agenda and Carbon Net Zero.

Our SCW teams also work in collaboration, combining geospatial with other modelling capabilities.

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Data visualisation to get buy-in

Together - delivering with partners’ - hosted by NHS Providers

As the saying goes 'a picture tells a thousand words'.

On 9 December 2021, our panellists shared the details of how their organisations have used the power of visualising data to bring their projects and stories to life. They explore how this has supported decision making both within their organisation, and collaboratively across their systems. 

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Using geospatial analysis to help the NHS vaccinate millions of people as quickly as possible

We are very proud to have been awarded the Analytical Insights award at the 2021 EsriUK Customer Success awards. 
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Through our use of ArcGIS, we have supported the NHS to deliver a massive, coordinated effort and vaccinate millions of people in the UK in a planned and efficient way. Trevor Foster, Associate Director, Geographic Intelligence and Mapping Service, SCW

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Our dedicated NHS geospatial team has a wealth of experience having been in operation for over 20 years. We're a team of fifteen specialists, split across offices in Bristol and Sussex. 

We understand the changing requirements of the NHS and the organisations within it, have the flexibility to adapt to these needs, and crucially, have built up a depth of GIS expertise, experience and governance to have access to and fully utilise a comprehensive range of NHS datasets, across primary, secondary and mental health sectors (subject to the necessary IG clearance and DSAs between organisations).

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