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Geographic information services (GIS)

Mapping your future healthcare needs. The HealthGIS team specialise in the development of interactive maps and dashboards that illustrate local and strategic healthcare data with instant results.

In a unique partnership with Ordnance Survey, we provide Geographic Intelligence and Mapping services to Clinical Commissioning Groups, Primary Care Networks, Integrated Care Systems, NHS England, GP practices, public health, community health, and acute hospital trusts. 

HealthGIS is an invaluable tool for supporting GP practices, PCNs, and ICSs alike to make decisions that lead to greater service efficiency, management, and improved communications. It provides information to GP surgeries, and other care provider locations in a practice area, to identify a spread of registered patients or particular population demographics.

Other types of healthcare information that are analysed and visualised using maps include; patient flows to a hospital (A&E, Inpatients, Outpatients, Urgent Care), and travel accessibility to services (driving, walking, public transport).

We help with the following:  

Service provider sites

  • Primary care (GPs, Pharmacies, Dentists, Opticians)
  • Hospitals (Acute, community, specialist)
  • Care Homes

Population demographics/statistics

  • Supporting population health management, public health, and prevention
  • Deprivation indicators
  • Ethnicity
  • Population ages
  • Population classification systems, e.g. ONS Output Area Classification (OAC)

Primary Care

  • GP practice boundaries
  • Registered patient spreads
  • Workforce analysis and reporting

Hospital activity analysis and patient flows

  • To support commissioning and service development using innovative visualisations such as; spider maps, choropleth (heat maps), and pie symbols
  • A&E attendances
  • Inpatient admissions
  • Outpatient attendances
  • Non-elective admissions
  • Broken down by speciality

Travel and access analysis for provider and commissioner sites

  • Single or multiple sites
  • Supports service review and transformation
  • Drive-times
  • Public transport
  • Walking
  • Travel based catchment areas to define ‘market share’ areas

Health needs assessments

  • Including general practice, pharmacy, dental, and sexual health services.

Emergency planning

  • Incident analysis and mapping. 

Targets monitoring analysis

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To access our map tools and library visit the HealthGIS website.

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