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Mental health - enabling solutions

Our dedicated mental health team are highly skilled in helping you to realise the art of the possible. We work with you to understand your challenges, develop tailor-made solutions and deliver efficiencies that fit the changing needs within the mental health landscape.

Our work is underpinned by a focus on clinical and quality outcomes as well as operational and business change.

Led by subject matter experts in mental health and underpinned by our QSIR (Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign) principles, our teamwork with you and your colleagues to realise solutions and deliver long term, sustainable change.

Areas of support

Planning and delivery

Help you to understand customer needs, and supporting you in solution design, mobilisation and delivery, through to benefits realisation.

There are real challenges facing systems in delivering the additional LTP requirements whilst maintaining momentum on the continued delivery of the core priorities.

Phase 3 planning reinforced the LTP targets as a solid foundation to address the impact of COVID-19, to improve the quality of mental health services and expand access to an additional 2 million people each year by 2023/24.

Building on the success driven by innovation in response to COVID-19

  • Enhanced local partnerships including Local Authorities
  • Greater Role of Voluntary / Independent Sector
  • Increased roll out of digital solutions where evidence supports efficacy

We recognise the practical support required by systems to plan across all mental health pathways, managing not only the projected increased demand for service provision and acuity of individuals accessing services but also the Covid-related backlog emerging in many services.

Modelling capacity and demand for services are going to be key elements of the COVID response to mental health and we are well placed to support systems and providers to plan and project to meet demand.



Responding to change

As the mental health sector works through the latest planning guidance, the predicted surge in demand for services is already apparent. We have reflected on our role as system leaders and our learning from our experiences to date to offer support with:

  • System architecture: harnessing the benefits from the increased collaboration across ICS and place-based footprints.
  • Workforce: considering the new workforce profile and responding to the changing needs of our workforce.
  • Wellbeing: supporting your staff with their psychological wellbeing post-COVID-19 with resources and welfare support.
  • Pathway analysis: considering progress against the LTP, the highlighted inequalities in access, and demand and capacity analysis to model change. 
  • Modelling: utilising modelling tools and insights from the Mental Health Services Dataset (MHSDS) and population profiling to support planning assumptions, demand response and the continued reduction of inpatient care.
  • Governance: considering innovative ways to be confident in performance at a system level, along with assuring the design of the underpinning model.
  • Transformation: responding to regulatory requirements at pace, delivering system-wide change and pathway redesign.
  • Clinical quality and outcomes: using the best available evidence to support planning and service improvement. Ensuring the patient voice is heard in our work and that outcomes are meaningful to the population.




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