Whether looking for a cost-effective end-to-end clinical procurement solution to support an innovative new delivery model, or striving to increase the affordability of non-clinical procurement, our award winning procurement team bring their knowledge and experience to ensure our customers are in safe hands when it comes to managing complex procurement projects and sourcing supplies. Our procurement team help with the following: 

Healthcare procurement and market management

We provide a flexible choice of clinical procurement services, bringing a deep understanding of national strategies and programmes, combined with access to clinical intelligence supported by healthcare procurement and market management specialists. We offer

  • Support in the production of procurement aspects of business cases.
  • Tailored procurement strategies to meet local needs.
  • A commercial approach to market assessment and development.
  • Assessment of requirements to national standards, such as ISAP.
  • Innovative procurement approaches to support migration towards accountable health systems and new models of care.
  • Robust, trusted and compliant end-to-end procurement project support.
  • Ongoing support for transition and commercial aspects of service mobilisation.
  • Specialist procurement advice, education and consultancy.
  • In depth understanding of primary care contract and procurement options.

Transactional procurement

Utilising self-service eCommerce solutions to ensure your Purchase2Pay process is both well governed with high levels of compliance and is simple for staff to make best value purchase decisions.

  • Utilised spend analysis and benchmarking – we work closely with our customer’s budget holders to ensure increased value from the P2P process
  • Procurement catalogues – web style catalogues which are managed to ensure compliance to an agreed range but with simple ‘self-service’ functionality
  • Cash-releasing savings – delivered through collaborative contracting linked to transactional procurement compliance management

Non-clinical project procurement

Through our centralised specialist procurement team we deliver robust, compliant, responsive support for our customers in areas such as bespoke ICT system solutions, specialist consultancy and hardware solutions. 

Dynamic Purchasing System

Our Dynamic Purchasing System speeds up procurement of commonly sourced goods and services. The tool saves time and energy for customers, providers and suppliers alike. We are currently using it to procure clinical services such as orthodontic services, bespoke consultancy services, ICT hardware and software solutions and trusts are looking at how the tool could help them to procure high end cost products such as pacemakers.

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