Two members of SCW staff

Digital and technical specialists

Technical skills play a major part across SCW. We have a range of service lines that utilise digital and technical specialists. 

IT services - including asset management, service desk and desktop engineering services, infrastructure and networks support and storage and data management. 

Digital transformation - who combine expertise and experience in technological change with service redesign to maximise the potential for embedding technological innovation at the heart of customer transformational change programmes. This includes elements such as:

Information sharing/interoperability

  • Integrated Digital Care Records
  • Summary Care Record
  • Electronic Discharge Document Transfer

Patient empowerment

  • Patient access to records
  • Self-care management tools and apps
  • Joint care planning with the care team 

Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS)

  • Telehealth, telecare
  • e-consultations, e-coaching 

Clinical decision support

  • Care pathway/referral management tools
  • Urgent care dashboard

Enabling infrastructure

  • Wifi access in community settings
  • Single domain networks

Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI) - offer an end-to-end range of services, beginning with the extraction, validation and then storage of data through analysis and interpretation. This service provides expertise and support to a wide range of customers, whilst ensuring the development of their people, processes and culture.

BI makes sure our customers have access to comprehensive data and insight – putting patients at the heart of our service. This service maintains a strong competitive advantage over our competitors through the ability to process multiple highly competitive and complex data sets, combined with the expert skills and insight from over 200 skilled Business Intelligence and Analytics staff members working across the SCW patch.

Our BI team offer the most up-to-date and innovative tools and expertise to provide timely, accurate data for monitoring performance, patient activity and secure data management, as well as robust modelling tools for forward planning. This is complemented by interpretation and support to ensure clients understand and make the best use of their specific data.