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Relationship and customer management

Our customers are very important to us. All of our customer-facing service lines require specialist and technical staff with strong customer service, communication, relationship and customer management skills.

We have several service lines where exceptional relationship management, communication skills and customer service are critical to the delivery of services. 

Commissioning performance - whose role is to translate customer commissioning plans into action. Here we require strong relationship-building and negotiation skills, and the ability to have challenging conversations. By applying our rigorous and proven methods for contract planning, management, and performance monitoring, we aim to drive consistent delivery of customer commissioning intentions and health outcome targets by the organisations providing care, resulting in high quality and best value services for patients and local people. 

The commissioning performance team monitor and manage providers at every stage of the commissioning cycle, applying our contract management, negotiation, and business intelligence expertise to improve impact and delivery for commissioners. This ensures consistent delivery of commissioning intentions and health outcome targets by the organisations providing care. 

Customer delivery - who act as the ‘voice’ of the customer, working across SCW services and our client account managers to identify where service delivery and our customer rating scores can be improved. 

Customer development - who support services at every stage of their journey to win work. This can include identification and qualification of new business opportunities, support with the development of bids and proposals, marketing and selling services and products.