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Are you looking for career progression? Or are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference? Life at SCW can deliver both.

What is life like at SCW?

We recognise that where people choose to work is influenced by the opportunities for career progression, or the opportunity to make a difference.

You may also be looking to align work to personal values, a fair rewards package, or are simply looking for satisfying work that balances with a busy home life, with access to flexible working.

These elements are key to how we develop and grow our people.

The SCW employee value experience is built around five areas:

  • SCW Business                (how we work)
  • SCW Principles              (our values, purpose and ambition)
  • SCW Career growth      (exploring development opportunities)
  • SCW Rewards                (a holistic package)
  • SCW People                    (valuing individuals)

Celebrating diversity at SCW

Our colleague, Gus Mbudaya introduces Black History Month and what it means to him to be a member of the SCW staff BME Network.
We want to see equality, we want to see opportunities being offered to everyone, we want to see people being treated with respect, with dignity, in everything they do so that irrespective of one's background, irrespective of one's colour, everyone is created the same.

Where we work

Where we work
Our patch covers a large area across the south, central and west of England with over 30 office locations, including Bristol, Oxford, Reading, Swindon and Eastleigh.

Where new team members are based can be flexible. With a range of office locations, you have the opportunity to discuss relocation and flex around your life or potential home-base changes.
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Staff blogs

Professional development

Professional development

We actively encourage all our people to develop their professional skills throughout their journey with us. 

As keen advocates of lifelong learning, we encourage and support everyone to consider a range of approaches to their development. This could include experiential learning, shadowing and secondment opportunities. We also offer financial support for qualifications to continue your development throughout your career here.  

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Life at NHS South, Central and West

SCW was formed eight years ago on 1 April 2015.

Many of you have been here since the start, adapting to the significant changes over that time and of course making a difference to lives.

Looking forward, we want to build on all the fantastic work we have achieved together, helping health and care organisations achieve the best possible outcomes for people, communities and populations and continuing to ensure SCW is a great place to work, where we all feel safe and can be our authentic selves.

Our Staff Partnership Forum

Our Staff Partnership Forum works in collaboration with full-time Trade Union Officers and staff side representatives from our workforce. They share a commitment to work together to improve the working lives of all colleagues. to develop and promote an ethos of collaborative working based on the principles of mutual respect, consultation and positive communication, and offer support and advice.

SCW is committed to providing our staff side representatives appropriate protected time for their duties in line with the Trade Union Regulations. Download the 2021-22 Trade Union Facility report.
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Our staff side colleagues are all accredited representatives of the trade unions or professional organisations recognised by SCW and are provided with support and resources to carry out these duties.