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Our offer to you

There are many reasons why people choose to work for SCW. What we gain from our employment and the satisfaction that we feel from the work that we do goes beyond just pay and rewards.

Why we choose to work for an employer may be influenced by the opportunity for career progression, the opportunity to make a difference, doing work that aligns with our own individual values or providing us with a satisfying work-life that balances with priorities in our home life. This overall employment experience is captured within our employee value proposition. 

The SCW employee value proposition

Our offer to you is built around five areas: SCW Business, SCW Principles, SCW Career growth, SCW Rewards and SCW People.

SCW business

Industry desirability

The NHS is the largest employer in the UK and provides healthcare services to every member of the UK population, free at the point of delivery. No other employer can offer the opportunity to work in an organisation that will affect the lives of everyone in the country to such a degree. If you really want to make a difference, the NHS is the place to do it and the role that SCW fulfils within the NHS offers a unique opportunity to support and influence the wider NHS. 

Making a positive impact

As one of the largest commissioning support organisations in the country, SCW people have the opportunity to work on high-impact projects that really change things for patients.

Innovative work

SCW collaborates with customers and partners across the health and social care system to manage, analyse, and improve performance. We deliver in areas that can really affect change at scale across the system and make a difference to the way healthcare in the NHS is delivered. 

The range of SCW clients includes NHS England, clinical commissioning groups, acute hospitals, mental health trusts, GPs and numerous social care, community care, and voluntary sector organisations.

Technology and innovation

SCW supports a number of major technological and innovation projects and programmes across the south of England, such as integrated digital care records which allow multi-users access to patient care records.

Flexible office base

Our patch covers a large area across the south, central and west of England. With over 30 office locations, including Bristol, Oxford, Reading, Swindon and Eastleigh, the new team members base can be flexible. This means we can offer employees the opportunity to work in a range of exciting locations and with a flexible office base so if your life changes, there are relocation options available to you.

Making a positive environmental impact

In October 2020, the NHS committed to delivering the world’s first Net Zero Carbon health service, responding to climate change and improving health now and for future generations. SCW is committed to minimising our impact on the environment and achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040 in line with the rest of the NHS. In order to help meet this commitment, we've developed a Green Plan that outlines a set of principles and targeted interventions aimed at ensuring that the high quality of support we are providing today is available tomorrow. Every staff member will need to play a part in helping us achieve this aim and will have access to training and a range of communications and resources to support action at an individual level.

SCW principles

Our purpose is to enable our customers to achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients and populations.

Our ambition is to be the specialist support service of choice in health and social care. 

Living our values 

SCW is a values-driven organisation and looks for staff whose values match ours. 

Our values are Patients First, Aspirational, Collaborative, Insightful and Respectful.

You will see these reflected throughout our selection and on-boarding process, and we will be looking for potential employees to demonstrate these to us during their recruitment.

SCW career growth

The NHS experience

SCW is committed to attracting and retaining the best people in order to provide the best possible services to our customers. Our people enjoy challenging, rewarding roles, supporting our customers to improve their local health and care services. 

We offer:

Secondments - Being a part of the wider NHS, SCW is able to offer secondments into and out of the organisation from other NHS organisations, while maintaining continuity of service and accrued benefits. This can be a fantastic way to broaden your skills and develop into new roles in the future. Not to mention giving you the opportunity to work in new and innovative parts of the NHS.

Development opportunities - We run our own in-house graduate scheme, and offer aspiring managers the opportunity to take our Managing to Inspire course. We also offer a wide range of training, development opportunities, formal qualifications and apprenticeships and access to coaching and mentoring schemes based on our learning culture, where people develop and learn through doing.

People management - We ask our people to be motivated, collaborative and innovative. Managers will support you and your development, but will also expect you to bring aspiration and innovation to your role with us. If you join us, we will value your experience and your contribution. We will give you the knowledge to succeed as part of your specialist team and as part of the wider organisation. And we will keep you in the picture about new challenges and customer feedback through a wide range of internal communications.

Recognising your talent - SCW is committed to recognising and celebrating the successes and achievements of its employees, through an employee recognition scheme, supported by the Executive Management Team.

SCW rewards

Money matters - Our competitive pay package (part of the NHS Agenda for Change) ensures you will receive an annual pay increment. Our salaries remain competitive over the private sector. Every year employees receive a ‘Total Reward Statement’ summarising information about the value of your employment package, and including details of all the salary and benefits provided by SCW.

Life balance - Because we understand your life outside of work is important, SCW, along with the NHS as a whole, understands and actively encourages the importance to maintain a good work-life balance.

We offer:

  • All new starters 27 days annual leave (exclusive of public holidays) 
  • Increased annual leave allowance for continued service – to 29 days after five years, and 33 days after ten years.
  • Flexible working on an informal basis, such as the opportunity to work at home occasionally, or on a more formal basis such as compressed hours, term-time working and other arrangements can be considered. 

Thinking ahead

We’re here to support you to prepare for your future. All new starters are auto-enrolled onto the NHS Pension Scheme - one of the most beneficial pension schemes in the country featuring an employer contribution of up to 14.3%. 

The scheme also offers valuable protection to your family through death in service benefit (of two times annual salary), and the flexibility to increase your benefits or retire flexibly to suit your plans.

Enjoying life’s adventures 

In addition to our competitive annual leave offering, SCW has a number of other types of leave available for specific reasons as follows:

  • Paid maternity and paternity leave are of course available and are more generous than many other organisations. We also offer parental leave and carers leave. 
  • We offer staff the option to apply for an unpaid career break of three months to five years, for reasons such as caring commitments, extended leave and further education, with a guaranteed return to full employment following its completion. 
  • NHS employers recognise the continuity of service across all NHS organisations, and any service built up at SCW or previous organisations, including annual leave, will also be recognised within the NHS if you leave or move jobs. 
  • Volunteering scheme – We understand that volunteering can support other organisations and the patients and populations they serve, as well as give employees the opportunity to give back and to learn new skills. As such, SCW offers the opportunity for all employees to take up to one week’s paid time (or equivalent hours) per year to volunteer. 

NHS discounts 

As part of the NHS family, all SCW employees are entitled to claim a number of competitive national and local discounts at a variety of locations. These range from discounts at local shops and restaurants, to cheaper gym memberships and even money off holidays. SCW holds details of local deals near each office location. 

Supporting you when it matters

We offer a free Employee Assistance Programme which offers access to anonymous, impartial advice and counselling. In addition, our Occupational Health Service provides a confidential, independent medical opinion on matters relating to work and health. Staff taking time off work due to illness are entitled to generous sickness absence pay.

Travel costs

We make sure your costs are covered so you’re not out of pocket. Any business travel is fully reimbursed and travel such as train tickets and hotels can be booked directly by SCW. If your role requires a large amount of travel you could also qualify for a lease car through NHS Fleet Solutions which operates through salary sacrifice arrangements. SCW pay the rental and insurance upfront and this is recouped through monthly salary.

Childcare vouchers 

SCW provide an employer-supported childcare voucher scheme for our working parents who can save on tax and national insurance.

SCW people

Talent and expertise

We have a wealth of NHS and commercial experience. Our successes come from the calibre of the people we employ, the quality of leadership given across the organisation and our close working relationship with customers. Applying our diverse skills and expertise, we help our customers to make a difference for their patients, partners and the public.

Supporting the forces 

SCW recognises the importance of supporting people who are currently, or have previously served within the armed forces. This includes supporting SCW employees who may be reservists or have family currently serving in the forces. 

SCW has signed up to Step into Health, the NHS Employers armed forces scheme. By pledging our support we are formally recognising the value serving personnel, veterans and military families bring to our workforce. We also hold the Defence Employers Recognition Scheme Silver Award. 

We also have an Armed Forces Working Group that can beThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We understand the importance of tackling discrimination and promoting equality between different groups of people, whilst addressing the diverse needs of individuals. Our inclusive culture means everyone is treated with dignity and respect. SCW has a Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Staff Network, enhancing engagement and giving support and a voice to minority groups. 


Diversity is important to us because different perspectives, ideas, backgrounds, opinions and knowledge create a unique strength for our organisation. This better enables us to support and understand our customers and their stakeholders. 

Green champions

Tackling the climate crisis is something that increasingly preoccupies people's day-to-day lives. Whether you're a seasoned environmentalist or just starting off on your sustainability journey, if you’re passionate about protecting the environment we have a Green network you can join. Here you can find like-minded individuals and help drive forward SCW’s sustainability agenda.

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