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SCW life

Are you looking for career progression? Or are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference? Life at SCW can deliver both.

We recognise where people choose to work is influenced by the opportunities for career progression, or the opportunity to make a difference. You may also be looking to align work to personal values, a fair rewards package, or are simply looking for satisfying work that balances with a busy home life, with access to flexible working.

These elements are key to how we develop and grow our people.

Our offer to you

We know that for many people at SCW, the opportunity to make a difference to the outcomes of our customers, patients and populations, and doing work that aligns with our own individual values is rewarding. But did you know that alongside the competitive salary we also offer a wide range of other benefits?

This is captured in a summary of our overall employee experience called 'Our offer to you'. 

The SCW employee value experience is built around five areas:

  • SCW Business                (how we work)
  • SCW Principles              (our values, purpose and ambition)
  • SCW Career growth      (exploring development opportunities)
  • SCW Rewards                (a holistic package)
  • SCW People                    (valuing individuals)

Read more about our offer to you.

Where we work

Our patch covers a large area across the south, central and west of England with over 30 office locations, including Bristol, Oxford, Reading, Swindon and Eastleigh. Where new team members are based can be flexible. With a range of office locations, you have the opportunity to discuss relocation, to flex around your life or potential home-base changes. 

Equal opportunities

We are passionate about treating everyone as an individual and embracing the rich diversity of our workforce. Find out more about equality, diversity and inclusion at SCW.

Professional development

We actively encourage all our people to develop their professional skills throughout their journey with us. 

As keen advocates of lifelong learning, we encourage and support individuals to consider a range of approaches to their development. This could include experiential learning, shadowing and secondment opportunities. We also offer financial support for qualifications to continue your development throughout your career here.  

We have a dedicated organisational development team who develop and support individuals, teams and the organisation to be more effective through a range of online and classroom-based sessions. There is also the opportunity to study for formal professional and academic qualifications. 

Your line manager will work with you to develop your personal development plan. For more information around learning and development at SCW, please get in touch with our Organisational Development team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will be happy to help.

Showcasing success

We are proud champions of people progression and value experience that people have gained in a range of settings and organisations including NHS, other public sector and the private sector. Here is one example of career progression into a senior role at SCW.

  1. Health care assistant - supporting and delivering health care to the elderly at St Martin's Hospital, Bath for one year. Led audit of basic life support and resuscitation capabilities across hospital sites.
  2. Completing Registered Nurse Qualification - Completing nurse education at Luton University / Stoke Mandeville Hospital and bank health care assistant for three years. Chair of RCN Association of Nursing Students and European Nursing Students Association.
  3. Staff Nurse - Delivering respiratory and high dependency care at Stoke Mandeville Hospital for four years. Completed degree at Oxford Brookes University.
  4. Assistant Patch Manager - Operational management of community nursing and health visiting teams at Oxford City PCT for one year. Commissioned first, community-led respiratory intermediate care team.
  5. Head of Commissioning - Overseeing implementation of nGMS primary care contract, developed a local GP Total Purchasing Pilot and managed community services for Gloucestershire PCT. Completed Masters at the University of Birmingham.
  6. Programme Director - Primary Care and Practice-Based Commissioning lead at Bristol PCT followed by lead across Bristol for Long Term Conditions commissioning (primary prevention and self-management to acute and end of life care).
  7. Director of Nursing - Executive lead for quality of care and implementation of new care pathways across Great Western Ambulance Service for two years.
  8. Chief Nursing Officer - North Somerset CCG safeguarding lead and lead for quality of services commissioned by the CCG for two years.
  9. Deputy Director Provider Management - Led integration of Provider Management teams managing acute, community, mental health and ambulance contracts across Thames Valley into CSW.
  10. Director of Commissioning Operations - Turnaround support overseeing £275m budget across acute, mental health and primary health care service at Merton CCG for six months.
  11. Director of Commissioning Performance - Leading development of clinical services offers to support emerging Integrated Care Systems for SCW.